Patrick O'Connell's Refined American Cuisine (Autographed Copy)

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Patrick O'Connell is often referred to as the Pope of American Cuisine. He is one of the pioneers in our country's culinary evolution over the last quarter century. In this groundbreaking work, O'Connell celebrates the coming-of-age of American cooking and illustrates that we at last have our own equivalent to the haute cuisine of the great chefs of Europe. He manages to demonstrate that reproducing his versions of refined American cuisine is not only suprisingly doable but often easier than replicating the classic American dishes we grew up with. 

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08/06/2014 - 04:29:20 PM
"See that beautiful dish on the cover? Take it step by step and you can do it. It's a keeper. As are all the recipes I've tried so far. Patrick O'Connell is a generous and talented chef who writes recipes so carefully you can actually recreate things made at The Inn at Little Washington with results that stand up to the original... and that's saying something since TILW is one of the best in the world." - M. Carpenter
08/06/2014 - 04:26:04 PM
"I made the truffle dusted scallops over cauliflower puree with red wine reduction last week. The food was so good that I wanted to cry. It was easily one of the best meals that I've ever made. It was technically manageable, very creative (albeit with a lot of butter :), and reminded me of the dinners that I've had at the Inn. Since then I've poured over the cookbook and I'm even more impressed -- all the recipes are straightforward, clear, sophisticated, and can be done in a home kitchen. The recipes don't assume that there is a sous chef in the wings -- it's all very manageable for a solo home cook. The pictures are beautiful too. Cooking from and studying this book has definitely improved to my culinary abilities. I'm going to buy an electric ice cream machine now so that I can make some of those very interesting sorbets that are written up in here -- yummy!" - Dena M.
08/06/2014 - 04:13:01 PM
"Easy recipes that make your food taste gourmet. Not one bad recipe in this book and ranges from simple to complex but are never difficult to execute. I use these recipes over and over again and they get the most compliments - these are some of the best dishes I've made. Even simple things like tempura batter are awesome because you can google all you want but at the end of the day you're trying multiple recipes to see which one is the best. Using this book, I know I only need to refer to one source for the best recipe." - dw03